Hair Vending Machine

Hair vending machines are a new and emerging market within the vending industry. We can provide you the complete package – a custom vending machine designed for your product range in mind, a 42″ or 50″ touchscreen, a custom touchscreen UI,  a conveyor belt and elevator delivery system (which handles your precious cargo with care).

You can choose either a glass-front vending machine with an iPad style touchscreen mounted to the side OR a high-tech vending machine with a large touchscreen mounted into the front door. We recommend the large touchscreen because you can show HD images of the products and models wearing the hair. Talk to us about the pro’s and con’s of a touchscreen hair vending machine

Hair Product & Weave Vending Machines

We can customize your hair vending machine to dispense a variety of products. It doesn’t just have to be real hair, it can dispense care products and accessories related to your unique range of hair products.

If you have your own brand and want to customize the external look of the vending machine, we can help you design a graphic wrap to make your vending machine stand out to match your style and branding.

One of the major benefits of a touchscreen vending machine is that it’s “SMART”. From any internet-enabled computer or cell phone worldwide, you can check your business and review sales figures, vending machine inventory levels, warehouse inventory levels and much more. You can run your business like a pro from day 1.

The most beneficial aspect of starting a real hair vending machine business is that it is MUCH cheaper than opening up a real brick-and-mortar store. Opening a store can cost anything upwards of $250,000, but a single vending machine with a 42″ touchscreen could potentially cost from $9,995 (for one machine) and be leased for as little as $249 a month (assuming good credit). If you are buying a lot of machines, we offer bulk discounts as low as $7,495 (if you’re buying ~100). Call us today and let us help you expand your business!

Real Hair Vending Machine Gallery

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