Introducing DMVI Retail

Reinventing the way people buy things in stores!


Reducing in-store shrink – the reason behind DMVI Retail!

Shrink costs the retail industry over $100 Billion annually and poses a strategic threat to brick-and-mortar stores.

The goal is to…

  • Bring shrink down to an acceptable level without disrupting operations , destroying employee morale, and driving customers to online competitors

DMVI leverages its decade-long experience providing unattended retail platforms to address this problem in a way where everybody wins! (Jump to Shrink)

Traditional solutions don’t work!

Until now, In-Store Merchants had only two tools for combatting shrink. Neither was effective and both created serious problems:

#1: Locking product away:

  • Ruins the retail experience for customers
  • Creates additional work for employees
  • Causes operational headaches, added costs, declining sales

#2: Enforcing a climate of distrust:

  • Drives customers to e-commerce sites
  • Plays havoc with hiring and retaining good employees
  • Introduces large legal, operational, and administrative costs

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