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In the evolving world of convenient and instantaneous access to essential products, the idea of vending machines has taken a revolutionary turn. Keeping in view the importance of timely access to emergency contraception, DMVI proudly presents its Plan B Vending Machines – dedicated exclusively for dispensing emergency contraception pills.

Understanding the sensitivity and urgency surrounding the use of emergency contraception, our wall-mounted vending machines are discreetly designed and perfect for tight spaces. These machines can hold an impressive 100 – 200 boxes of contraception pills, ensuring they’re available when they’re most needed.

Why Choose Plan B Vending Machines?
  1. Discreet & Accessible: Given the private nature of the product, these vending machines provide a discreet purchasing experience, allowing individuals to access essential medication without any stigma or hesitation.
  2. Always Stocked: With capacities ranging from 100 to 200 doses, these vending machines are designed to seldom run out of stock, offering round-the-clock access.
  3. Technologically Advanced: Like our other wall-mounted machines, the Plan B Vending Machines come packed with modern features, including optional ID verification methods for age-restricted products, real-time inventory levels, and cloud management systems.

Emergency Contraception Vending Machines For Sale

Features Tailored for Plan B Emergency Contraception Dispensing:
  • ID Verification: To ensure the responsible sale of emergency contraception, our machines can come equipped with two optional methods for age verification.
  • Real-Time Inventory Checks: Never worry about stock running out. Our machines alert for low stock, ensuring timely replenishment.
  • E-Lock for Security: Given the sensitive nature of the product, the E-Lock ensures additional security against any unauthorized access.
  • Customizable Touchscreen UI: You can adjust the user interface to provide essential information about the contraception pills, usage instructions, and more.
Customize Your Plan B Vending Machine: The exterior of the Plan B Vending Machine can be modified to suit the environment it’s placed in. From powder-coated white to cost-effective vinyl wrap that provides another layer of personalization, allowing for branding and graphics that resonate with your audience.

Affordable Customization: Creating a niche vending machine doesn’t need to break the bank. Our team at DMVI can help tailor-make a machine to fit your requirements at a fraction of the usual design costs. Once your design is in place, you only incur production costs, allowing you to scale as per demand.

Scale Your Operation: Whether you’re testing the waters with a few machines or ready for a large-scale rollout, DMVI has the capacity to meet your demands, ensuring each machine upholds our promise of quality and efficiency.

At DMVI, we’ve been pioneers in the world of touchscreen wall-mounted vending machines since 2009. Our dedication to quality and innovation ensures you get the best product for your needs. For more details or a virtual tour of our Plan B Vending Machines, reach out to our experienced sales representatives.
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