Custom Kiosk Design

Custom kiosk design and customization is our strength. A “kiosk” can mean many different things, whether it is interactive or not, we specialize in developing custom retail solutions and kiosks. A kiosk could be wall-mounted, floor standing, countertop or even be part of the furniture. Our expert engineers will develop you a sophisticated kiosk that will lead your project to success.

We recommend using standard components where possible and only customizing the external design of the piece. This will enable us to create something within a reasonable budget. Usually, a custom design is only required when the client has a very specific design for their project – or there are some functionalities that do not exist in other standard models in the marketplace.

Custom Designed Kiosk

We’d love to help you create better experiences for your customers. People expect modern-day interactive devices to be intuitive and fit seamlessly with its surrounding environment. A customized cabinet will be able to deliver exactly what you require and almost whatever you can imagine.

A custom kiosk design project can be broken down into 4 stages:

  1. Project understanding, SOW, IP searches, 3D modeling
  2. Detailed 3D modeling, Mechanical Engineering, Software Engineering, Electrical Engineering
  3. 1, 2 or more prototypes, NSF and/or UL certification. Meet any jurisdictional or export requirements
  4. IP assistance, Mass production
Reach out to us so we can work together to discuss the feasibility of your project. A conversation like this usually starts with a mutual NDA. Give us a call and let’s see where your ideas take us.
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