Laundry Lockers

A laundry locker is an efficient and convenient way to offer laundry, dry cleaning and wash & fold services to your apartment residents, college campuses, or hotel guests.

Install our laundry locker systems and partner with a local dry cleaner or laundromat to manage the locker. Customers can use the touchscreen to place an order and drop their clothes, or call the dry cleaner, or place an order online or app. They leave their clothes in the locker, which is then picked up, cleaned and dropped back at the locker within an agreed time.

This is the ultimate convenience for your residents or guests. Rather than make a trip to the store or wait for a person to knock on their door, they can just place the order by phone or app and leave their clothing in an assigned locker. Or they can just go to the locker and use the touchscreen to place an order for dry cleaning or wash, dry and fold services. Within an agreed time the order will be back in the locker, clean and ready to wear. The laundromat or dry cleaner can be notified by email or SMS that a load is ready to collect.

For a hotel or property manager, this can create an easy residual income with little to no effort. It also provides an efficient and time-saving service to your residents or guests. People want convenience, this business model offers the ultimate laundry service with minimum effort. Call us today for more information.

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