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Immerse yourself in a universe where technology melds with convenience, introducing more than just large vending machines – a microcosm of a digital store, automated to perfection. Explore a world of expansive, visually striking machines, sculpted to cater to larger products and myriad functionalities. Witness the myriad of possibilities waiting to unfold with this new generation of Automatic Retailers™.

The Digitalized Mini-Store Experience, Reimagined

Transform how your clientele engages with self-service by introducing our High-Capacity Large Vending Machines. Imagine a revolutionary, employee-free convenience store that is operational 24/7, embracing the future with cashless and NFC payments including Apple Pay and Samsung Pay.

Unleash the power of unbridled convenience and perpetual availability, as these robust machines diligently cater to every impromptu need of your audience.

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Introducing: The M-Series Giant Vending Machines

Modular, Scalable, and Robust – M-Series vending machines are not just sizable; they’re smart, adaptable, and capable of dispensing items up to 9″ x 9″ x 9″. Embrace a truly scalable solution that adeptly aligns with each unique deployment scenario.

Exclusive Features Include:

  • Choose Your Climate: Ambient or Refrigerated Options
  • Cloud-Powered Management: Advanced system for real-time operational insights
  • Intelligent Alerts: Low stock and network connectivity notifications
  • Secure and Versatile: Two ID verification methods and E-Lock for keyless entry
  • Convenient Payments: Cashless terminal and compatibility with Apple Pay™, Samsung Pay™, and Google Wallet™
  • Always Connected: High-Gain 4G, 5G, or Wi-Fi Antennas
  • Tech Support: Access 43,500 field technicians across North America and 2,250 across Europe
  • Global Reach: Worldwide shipping to ensure your giant vending machine arrives securely

More than Software – A Silicon Valley-Inspired Revolution

Developed amidst the innovative hubs of Silicon Valley, the M-Series brings frequent software updates, ensuring your large vending machines are always at the frontier of technological advancements. Plus, expect real-time inventory levels, customizable touchscreen UI, remotely managed digital signage, and a shopping cart feature for a seamless user experience.

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