Cell Phone Charging Station

Sometimes filling a need is just the right idea for making money!

There’s not a person on the planet that has not found themselves running out of power on their cellphone. Providing a solution also represents a business opportunity. Cell Phone Charging stations provide people with secure and simple opportunity to recharge and make you money.

The orange color cell phone charging system on this page with a man printed on it is $5,995 + Shipping… This is our premium option, but we have cheaper options too.

There are a variety of versions from a single module to multiple module walls. You can increase revenues by incorporating a digital advertising screen too.

Cell phone charging stations are perfect for:

  • Airports
  • Hotel lobbies
  • Bars
  • Train stations
  • Anywhere someone waits…

Take a look at our gallery below and be inspired!

Whether you are new to vending and looking for an opportunity, or an experienced vending operator looking to increase your estate, the cell phone charging station is a great concept for you. Pick up the phone and talk to us.

Cell Phone Charging Station Gallery

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