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Elevate Your Beauty Retail Business with Advanced Hair Vending Machines

Step into the forefront of the retail evolution with our state-of-the-art hair vending machines, specifically designed to cater to the unique demands of the burgeoning hair product market. Offering you a comprehensive package, our machines are tailored with your product range in mind, equipped with a 42” or 50” touchscreen, a custom user interface, and a meticulous conveyor belt and elevator delivery system to handle your valuable products with utmost care.

Choose between our sleek, glass-front vending machine with an iPad-style touchscreen adherently mounted to the side, or immerse your customers in a tech-forward shopping experience with a large, integrated touchscreen on the front door. We advocate for the latter, enabling you to showcase high-definition images of your products and model demonstrations, amplifying engagement and user experience. Engage with us to explore the manifold pros and cons of integrating a touchscreen into your hair vending machine.

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State-of-the-Art: Hair, Wigs &
Weave Vending Machines

Your custom hair vending machine can be adeptly modified to dispense a myriad of products, extending beyond real hair to encompass care products and accessories that harmonize with your unique product range.

Should you wish to mirror your brand aesthetic on the exterior of the vending machine, our team is at the ready to assist in designing a graphic wrap, ensuring your vending machine doesn’t merely serve but captivates and reflects your brand and style poignantly.

Embarking on a venture with our touchscreen vending machines isn’t merely about dispensing products; it’s about accessing SMART business management. From any internet-enabled device, gain insights into your sales figures, vending machine inventory levels, warehouse inventory levels, and beyond, empowering you to manage your business with professional acumen from day one.

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Economically propel your hair and wig product business into the market with a cost-effectiveness starkly contrasted to the brick-and-mortar store opening costs, which can escalate beyond $250,000. Our touchscreen vending machines range from $5,000 for a smart 32″-touchscreen wall-mounted unit to $12,000 for a large, floor-standing smart hair vending machine equipped with a 50″ touchscreen.

In an industry where quality and reliability are paramount, we urge you not to settle for inexpensive alternatives. Invest holistically in your business future with cutting-edge technology, ensuring your venture is rooted in the robust foundation of industry-leading technological solutions. CONTACT US and schedule a showroom tour today

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