Electronic Lockers

What are electronic smart lockers?

Electronic lockers are metal or plastic lockers that have a door that is controlled by an electronic lock. The electronic lock is controlled by a touchscreen, RFID, Magnetic swipe, biometric identification or a pin code.

Electronic lockers are quietly becoming a part of everyday life, especially for city dwellers. Over the years you may have wondered how certain devices or technological advances have almost overnight becoming a part of daily life… We are witnessing the same thing with electronic lockers. It will be how e-commerce retail will deliver products to you within hours, or on demand.

Electronic lockers, smart or not, can be applied to so many business models:

  • Employee supplies distribution
  • Asset management accountability
  • Cell phone charging
  • Self-service retail
  • RFID locker product release
  • Parcel Delivery
  • Laundry lockers
  • Luggage lockers
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