Pioneering the Future with Exquisite
Custom Vending Machine Design

Embarking on a Decade-Long Journey of Innovation and Precision

Since our inception in 2009, we’ve championed the evolution of the vending machine industry, endeavoring to marry technological advancements with conventional vending practices. Our journey began with a keen focus on smart wall-mounted vending machines, leveraging the potent ‘Internet of Things’ to redefine their functionality, aesthetic, and user interaction, seamlessly transporting the vending industry into the 21st century.

Limitless Designs, Impeccable Execution

Our creative horizons have expanded immensely, embodying designs and builds of custom vending machines that span an array of shapes and sizes. From a towering 13ft machine to grand constructs measuring 36ft x 4ft x 7ft, our design philosophy ingrained from crafting precision compact wall-mounted units is consistently applied to all machines, regardless of size. Sometimes, the most extensive journeys commence with a single, small step.

Making a Statement with Striking, Smart Designs

Dare to stand out with our eye-catching vinyl wraps and uniquely crafted cabinets, ensuring your custom vending machine isn’t merely a service point but a focal aesthetic attraction. A meticulously designed, unparalleled machine effortlessly captivates passersby, transforming a mere vending experience into an immersive interaction.

Engaging the Tech-Savvy Millennials with Smart Vending Experiences

Targeting the astute, tech-forward millennials? Our well-designed custom vending machines, bursting with intelligent features, are not merely vendors but an enticing, interactive experience for this savvy demographic. Engage them beyond the physical interaction, integrating social media to foster a lingering brand impression and enticing opportunities for further digital interactions. Millennials don’t just embrace technology; they share, discuss, and live it.

Your Custom Project, Orchestrated in Four Strategic Stages:
  1. Conception & Design: Understanding the project, Scope of Work (SOW), Intellectual Property (IP) searches, and preliminary 3D modeling.
  2. Engineering Excellence: Detailed 3D modeling complemented by Mechanical, Software, and Electrical Engineering.
  3. Prototyping & Certification Assistance: Crafting multiple prototypes and aiding in NSF and/or UL certification, while considering jurisdictional and import/export requirements.
  4. Mass Production & IP Assistance: Supporting mass production and offering further assistance with IP matters.
Embark on your journey towards retail innovation with a partner adept in navigating the rich tapestry of custom vending machine design.

Let’s Begin Your Custom Vending Machine Journey Together.

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