Twitter Vending Machine Rental

Social media activated vending machines are a perfect way to leverage the power of social media when running a promotional giveaway or activation. We can provide you the complete package – a monthly rental of a custom wrapped vending machine, a 17″, 42″ or 50″ touchscreen, your UI design and activated by a consumer’s Tweet.

You can choose either a glass-front vending machine with an iPad style touchscreen (see image below) mounted to the side OR a high-tech vending machine with a large touchscreen fitted into the front door (image right). The glass front is a good solution if you want customers to see the products… But most products are tightly packed, so they are best displayed on a 50″ HD touchscreen. A large touchscreen is also great for attracting millennials, who love interactive experiences.

Social Media Activated Vending Machines

The benefit of a “smart vending machine” with a large touchscreen is that you would be attracting a certain type of consumer. A tech-savvy millennial consumer. This is all hypothetical because it depends on where you place it and the demographics of the passing foot traffic… But we have seen these installed in malls, colleges and movie theatres… These vending machines are irresistible to young people. It’s like a big cell phone that they can buy stuff from instantly.

In our experience, the most sought-after consumer for advertisers are tech-savvy millennials. We can program the vending machines to allow the consumer to interact with the vending machine through social media, like Twitter. This might seem insignificant, but to advertisers – it is gold. They can organically grow their social media following and use very targetted advertising strategies to push promotions and ads to their followers. The hardest part for companies and brands is to generate that new follower – this is the perfect method to do it.

We can provide you with a completely branded graphic-wrap of the machine, a custom branded User Interface, which includes dedicated video space. We can even install a camera which counts the number of people passing the machine AND we can use AI to estimate their age and gender. This gives you analytics which demonstrates the powerful effect the advertising is having in that LOCAL market.

Smart Vending Machine Gallery

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