Protein Powder Vending Machine

In recent years we have been approached many times by people looking for healthy drink vending machines, such as protein drinks. So meeting the demands of people, we now provide vending machines suitable for dispensing healthy protein shakes and these are ideal for installation in places like fitness centers, gym, business parks, malls, gas stations and schools.

Our protein powder vending machine can hold and mix up to 8 different powders. The mixers are self-cleaning, which means less frequent cleaning is required. You can have a 27″ touchscreen with remote control and reporting.

The protein vending machine has an automatic cup dispenser that can hold up to 200 10oz cups, and the machine mixes up a shake in about 20 seconds. Using your own powders, you could offer a pre-workout option, an energy option, fat loss, detox, vegan, or whatever powder you offer.

Protein Shake Vending Machine

In a market saturated with high-sugar snacks and bottled beverages, our machine offers:
1. Freshness, flavor and nutrition on-the-go
2. Adjustable levels of ingredients
3. Cashless payment system with Apple Pay etc
4. Auto-Cleaning features
5. 27″ Touchscreen
6. IOT Connected for alerts

Pick up the phone and talk to us if you want to explore operating or owning our protein vending machines, we are happy to help

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