Cupcake Vending Machine with Elevator Delivery System

Do you dream of owning a cupcake store or already operate one? Expand your reach and brand awareness without the high cost of traditional brick-and-mortar stores… Our cupcake vending machine can be placed in hundreds of versatile and unique locations, and reach a larger potential market. Imagine having branded, touchscreen vending machines at your local airport, business parks, railway stations, malls and movie theatres.

Keep an eye on inventory levels by logging into our cloud remote management system and only visit when you need to restock. By placing cupcake vending machines you will save on rent, wages and overheads.

Our touchscreen, elevator & conveyor belt vending machine (pictured) is perfect for cupcakes and is about $150 a month to lease, (subject credit check). A recent client with a similar business model was able to generate $50k in revenue with 6 machines over the 3 months.

Bakery Vending Machine

Our cupcake vending machines use elevators and conveyor belts, so your cakes never drop and are handled with care throughout the delivery process. Visit our showroom and come and see them for yourself.

Instead of a glass-front vending machine, we recommend swapping the glass for a HD 42″ touchscreen. You’ll be able to display large high-quality photography of your beautiful creations which will catch the attention of potential passing customers. You’ll be able to display detailed nutritional information or even videos on how they are made.

At the end of the purchase, offer your customer an incentive to type in their email address, like a coupon. Your cupcake vending machines could be building a database of customers so you can expand your marketing reach.

Give us a call and we’ll help you expand your brand across your city, state or country. Our goal is to help you grow so you come back to us for more! Our success depends on YOUR success.

Cupcake Vending Machine Gallery

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