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Smoothie Vending Machine - Text provided by the inventor

Operate one of highest margin and revenue vending products with your very own operation of smoothie vending machines, capable of serving over 150 12 oz smoothies and over 20 varieties of supplement stir-ins! Our first smoothie vending machine to be sold to the public, called The Lean 1.0, will be available December 2018. The Lean 1.0 carries 6 varieties of smoothies at liquid form, preserved in freezing temperatures. In blind sampling studies using a smoothie king beverage, and our beverage that’s been frozen inside the machine for 7 days, the results of whose were better were as follows. The smoothie king won in taste while the Lean won in consistency. The smoothie king made the person feel fuller while the Lean tasted healthier. The most important statistic in these studies, 85% said they would buy either one on the spot if it were for sale.

Slushie Vending Machine
Smoothie Vending Machine

The risk to reward ratio is to the point, how much must be invested in this operation in time and money. The answer for invested time, vending operator routes should be made at minimum once a week to stock the machines with cups, straws, lids and of course the smoothies themselves. Estimate 3 hours weekly per machine in service. The answer of invested money, we have special pre-order packages in which the machines, management software (iOS/Android app), operator software (iOS/Android app) and all additional legal fees are discounted heavily to encourage our growth with experienced operators. The capital expenditure costs of the machines will be offset quickly the high revenue to low operating expenses. Whereas the operating expenses in a traditional smoothie shop run high from multiple cashiers, blenders, washers and managers, and certainly building leases run a high monthly price tag. The Lean 1.0 could fit into a small space of a building and only require 1 operator for a days work per week.

So the real question is, why wait for prices to go up, send us an email with the subject, Pre Order Lean 1.0, and we’ll send you the business opportunity packets of information you’ll need to make an investment decision. We hope to see you as a vital member of our team in the near future! You can order machines directly from the inventor at Smoothie Vending Machine