Large Format Vending Machines


Think mini store, or automated store. It’s more than just a vending machine. Typically these machines have a larger footprint and have a fantastic visual impact. They can also handle much larger products. There is so much can be done with this type of automated machine.

These large high capacity vending machines are capable of replacing the standard convenience store with something that is open twenty-four hours a day and 7 days a week! These large vending machines do not need employees to operate and make purchases easy with cashless and NFC payments like Apple Pay and Samsung Pay.

The dispensing mechanisms we use could be conveyor belts and elevators, spirals, hangers or custom hopper systems. We will customize the vending machine specifically for your products. Customized solutions can include:

  • Custom Touchscreen UI
  • Product return feature
  • Bills & Coin validator
  • Real-time Coupon validator
  • EMV ready credit and debit card readers
  • NFC – Apple Pay™, Samsung Pay™, Google Wallet™ etc
  • Social Share interactivity
  • Keyless entry & user management/control
  • Remotely manage inventory, prices and availability
  • API solutions
  • Refrigeration or Heating

Large Format Vending Machines Gallery

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