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Giant Shop Front Vending Machines

Take a look at this video created by Time Out Magazine. This was a project we completed in London, England in 2016. Initially, the project involved the entire wall of automated dispensers to replace the shop-front. The client’s ideas evolved from there and in this case, it was refrigerated lockers dispensing food with a seriously awesome software package. But a replacement shop-front can be pretty much anything you want it to be, refrigerated or not.

The kitchen was visible behind the wall of lockers, where the chef’s created freshly made menu items as demand required. When an item had been removed by a customer, the chef would be notified and he would be able to open the rear door of the locker and place a replacement into the locker, ready for the next customer.

Giant Vending Machine Concept

With a shop front design, you want to be able to serve as many customers as possible. This unique solution allowed for up to 5 customers to be served simultaneously, per minute.

5 Different payment devices were installed, one per column, to allow multiple transactions to be processed simultaneously. We custom designed the vending controllers and software to work with multiple payment stations and interfaces and to meet the customer’s requirements.

An additional beverage vending machine was placed next to the lockers to allow customers to purchase cold drinks. The store was deep in the heart of London’s financial district, where time is the most precious commodity. The store was an instant success.

This project was totally customized. Similar projects like this begin with a mutual NDA then a conversation about your project. After exchanging information and ideas, this leads to ultimately creating something unique for you and your brand. Call us, we have never been scared off by wild ideas! Anything is possible.

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