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Upgrade Old Vending Machines

Opt for more environmentally friendly solutions for your current conventional machine? Make the best use of the existing resource and conserve the precious earth resources.

Traditional and conventional vending machines can also be retrofitted into smart vending machines (or intelligent vending machines).

Retrofit old vending machines
Modifications to the original vending machine should be minimized at all possibilities.


Security & Safety
Security and safety of the vending machine must be well-taken care of.


Mounting space must be allocated for the antennas of the wireless connectivity


Pick a display size that fit nicely to the outlook of the vending machine. Even without a display, operator may still use telemetry to monitor sales and inventories of the vending machine
Cashless Payments
Mounting space should be allocated for mounting the cashless payment devices


Outlook Design
Outlook design of the add-on housing must be harmonious with the original vending


Ergonomic & Eco-Friendly
Be ergonomic and disabilitiesfriendly, while friendly to the environment through intelligent temperature control and energy saving


Versatile, reliable and scalable platform with cloud remote manageability that fulfills all smart vending criterias and grows with business and technology needs continuously, much like Silkron’s Vendron®


The original vending mechanism should at all possibilities remain intact
Retrofit old vending machine