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Software Features

The rich features in the Vendron software are provided by various plugins below, which are continuously developed and expanded. You will be able to manage product pricing, images and other details, view sales reporting and inventory health. If you have an idea for a specific function within the machine, like social networking interactivity, let us know and we can customize it for you.

Product Management

Vending Machine Product management

Manage product details, photo, video, gender and age recommendation, etc

Vending Machine Restocking Management

Refill the stocks in the machine

Vending Machine Inventory Reporting
Inventory Reports

View reports of inventory and stocks

Product tracking via RFID
RFID Stock Tracking

Track the products sold using RFID tags and scanner

Vending Restock Management
Restock Manager

Refill the stocks in the machine via other methods such as barcode scanning and etc

Coupon validation or Code Scanning
QR Code / 2D Code Scanning

QR Code / 2D Code using web cam for cashless validation & payment.

Sales Management

Vending Machine Sales UI

Core plugin that handles sales operation

Sales Reporting
Sales Reports

Provide sales reports and analysis

Printed or emailed payment receipt
Payment Receipt

Payment Receipt Print out. Barcode, QR-code and graphics supported.

Signage Content Management

Digital Signage Settings
Digital Signage Settings

Configure digital signage playback settings. Manage-able from Vendron Cloud

Video Analytics
Video Analytics

Recognize gender and age groups via webcam for analytics

Smart Signage Campaigns
Smart Signage

Enables full screen signage when machine in idle mode.

Interactive Features

Interactive Games to trigger rewards
Interactive Games

Screen plugin to let users play interactive games like Tic-Tac-Toe and quiz to get FREE products

Facebook Integration
Facebook Integration

Screen plugin to integrate to Facebook social networks

Twitter Social Media Integration
Twitter Integration

Twitter social network integration Screen plugin to integrate to Twitter social networks

Photo Sharing (Post Card)
Photo Sharing (Post Card)

Share photo captured from the smart vending machine to other friends via email.

Gift with Video Greeting
Gift with Video Greeting

Purchase a product from the smart vending machine but send it as gift to a friend with video message.

Vending Machine Socket API
Socket API

Allow integration of 3rd party application developed in any programming languages or tools

User Interface

Multiple Language Support
Multiple Language Support

On-the-spot multi-language switching by vending machine users in sales UI

Local weather displays

Screen plugin to display realtime weather forecast information

Local News or RSS feed displays
RSS News Feed

Screen plugin to display news feed from multiple RSS sources

World Clock

Screen plugin to display realtime clock with color changed at day time and night time

Photo Slide
Photo Slide

Screen plugin to display photos or images as slideshow

On Screen Help
On Screen Help

Allow users to submit help or feedback with regards to purchases on the screen in our Vendron.

Machine and Payment Control

Mobile Payments
Mobile Payments

Mobile payments such as Wechat and etc. May requires custom development subject to types of mobile payments

Vending Controller
Vending Controller

The master controlling module for all vending related process

MDB vending controller

Connect to MDB devices and configure MDB settings

configure DEX settings

Connect to DEX port and configure DEX settings

Connect to ccTalk

Connect to ccTalk devices and configure ccTalk settings

Full transaction records

Keep track of all sales and credit transactions

Bank Note Bill Dispenser
Bank Note / Bill Dispenser

Dispense bank notes or bills.

Service Dispense Manager
Service Dispense Manager

Manage non-inventory services sold or dispensed from the machine

Cash Register
Cash Register

Keep track of cash levels and audit records

Keypad Interface
Keypad Interface

Configure keypad interface to existing machine

Vending Machine Interface
Vending Machine Interface

Interface to various vending machine controller (May require custom development subject to types of vending machine controller board)

Mic Button
Mic Button

Configure and use button switch connected to audio microphone input as trigger.

Testing tools

Tools to configure and test the system

Machine Control
Machine Control

Core plugin for machine control interface

Event Log
Event Log

Display all events logged by the system

Receipt printer

Print out receipt, vouchers, coupons, info sheet, order slip and etc with different formats.

Video Recording for Surveillance
Video Recording for Surveillance (CCTV)

Record video on specific event for security surveillance purpose.

Switch User
Switch User

Switch user for different access level

User Access Control

Permission Manager
Permission Manager

Manage access permission to all features

User Manager
User Manager

Manage the users authorized to access the system

User Level
User Level

Manage the user levels assigned to each authorized user