Vending machines are usually associated with junk food, like sodas, candy bars, chips, and highly processed food. However, that’s changing now. Vending machines now are coming stocked with healthy food options like veggie and fruit salads, protein-rich snacks, and other healthy food products.

Salad Vending Machines Enabled by Technology

Nowadays, there is an increasing demand for healthy food like salads but with more convenience. People don’t want to wake up early in the morning to dice veggies and toss themselves a bowl of salad. Digital Media Vending International LLC saw this need and they are using their superior vending technology to dispense salads and healthy snacks in offices and workplaces across North America.

In the past few months, there have been many requests for vending machines that dispense fresh salad. These salads can be packaged in glass jars, tubes, and containers instead of the traditional plastic or foil wrappers. The food is fresh and chilled from the vending machine’s refrigerator.

The glass front of the machine can also be replaced with a 42-inch. The touchscreen also gives you the chance to market your products with high-definition product photos and informative videos. Customers can swipe their card on the machine, grab their salad, and eat it wherever they are. With the help of Digital Media Vending’s unique user interface and cloud service, the machine can be monitored from anywhere to ensure the inventory is always replenished.

The Inspiration Behind Salad Vending Machines

Most people have problems getting fresh healthy food while they are out on the road. Although there may be a lot of fast-food restaurants in the area, there aren’t many sources for fresh and healthy food.

Salad vending machines solve this problem by being accessible to workers on the go. Business men and women are always pressed for time and often just go to the nearest place to have their lunch. However, if a salad vending machine is installed in their office or near their facility, they will have access to nutritious food that is also affordable.

The best thing about salad vending machine is that they are available 24/7 and a person can use them at any time of the day or night.

For businesses, a vending machine can be a cheap alternative to catering for their staff. It also requires much less space than a cafeteria or lunchroom.

Realizing this, Digital Media Vending International LLC are marketing their salad vending machines to offices. Another great perk of these machines is if employees eat on campus then they are less likely to need extra time for lunch breaks.

A salad vending machine from Digital Media Vending International LLC can cost just $200 to $350 a month for businesses.

The idea is that a salad vending machine provides benefits to both the employers and the employee. Employees can benefit by eating healthy at their workplaces while employers can save on space and money.

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