Electronic Cigarette & Cannabis Vending Machines

We have incorporated innovative electronic telemetry technology and exclusive design features to offer a 3 or 6 product vending machine, capable of vending almost any brand of Electronic Cigarette, Hooka or single Marijuana* joint. (*check local laws regarding operating vending machines that sell marijuana. We only sell vending machines, what you sell from them is your responsibility.)

We are also soon releasing a 30 selection vending machine, capable of being customized to vend a vaporizer, baggie, tub, tube, box or jar.

We can also custom design a vending machine with multiple dispense systems, so that you machine can dispense single ‘Roll Ups’, jars, packs and accessories!

Cannabis Marijuana Vending Machine 6 Selection


  • Sleek, spacious internal chutes for maximum product capacity
  • 3 or 6 separate product hoppers which hold up to 100 units each
  • Adjustable vend mechanism which can offer product variety
  • Attention grabbing illuminated LED metallic buttons
  • Available with various electronic payment systems
    • Bill validator
    • Credit or Debit cards
    • Cashless payment options (ApplePay etc)
    • QR Codes or coupons
  • Customer sold out indication
  • Worldwide currency options available
  • High security design
  • Fully sealed wall mounted metal cabinet
  • Internal locking system, no visible lock externally
  • Remote audit facility
    • SMS Alerts for machine operator
    • LOW STOCK alerts
    • POWER OUTAGE alerts
    • Remote revenue count
    • Product sales count
  • Optional LCD Advertising screen or Touchscreen UI
    • Remote screen control available
    • Display ads for your E-Cigs
    • Display ads for the host venue
    • Display paid ads for any other business & generate additional revenue
  • User and Operator friendly
  • Finish – Powder-Coated Steel
    • Easy to brand with vinyl wraps
    • Sold Unbranded or with your design
  • Dimensions
    • 3 Selection = 36″H x 20″W x 10″D
    • 6 Selection = 44″H x 40W x 10″D

Vaporizer E-Cig Vending Machine

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