Digital Vending Machine Advertising

Reach young social adults with disposable income!

Below is an example of a company that has used digital advertising to generate revenue.

There are alternative ways of generating revenues than just vending machine product sales. With an integrated LCD or LED advertising screen, you can generate fabulous additional revenues from paid advertising.

Your Ad screen can be locally or remotely managed and updated. If you have a growing estate of vending machines, the potential advertising revenues can add up to thousands of dollars… And that’s before you have sold a single product!

Here is an example of a Vending Machine company using digital advertising to generate additional revenue…

Our vending machines are exclusively placed in bars and nightclubs, often in the restrooms and have remotely managed 15” digital signage players to display advertising.

Our current network is in Austin TX but is shortly expanding to Los Angeles, New York, New Orleans, Miami, Fort Lauderdale and Pittsburgh with more to come.

Call Red Hot Vend to discuss advertising on our network, we welcome inquiries from agencies.


Great Ad Space for:

  • Alcohol Brands

  • Cigarette Brands

  • Herbal Supplements

  • Condom Brands

  • Adult Brands

  • Loan Companies

  • Local Services

  • Local Events

  • Credit Card Companies

  • Shopping Offers

  • DUI Lawyers

  • Dating Sites

  • Mobile Apps

  • Student Services

  • Job Recruiters

  • Movie Theaters

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