LCD Digital Signage

Almost everywhere these days, digital signage is becoming the norm in daily life. Restaurants and retails stores are moving away from tent boards and printed displays to attract clientele. These are most commonly seen as menus in fast food restaurants and more increasingly as external displays of offerings from retail stores.

LCD digital signage can be remotely managed from your office PC or laptop and content can be pushed to all your screens almost instantaneously. This is great when you have a network of screens. But if you don’t need remote management, these can be a simple plug and play via USB or similar device. One new emerging market for digital signage is within education. Even elementary schools are evolving… the days of the BlackBoard are becoming a thing of the past!

There are so many applications, some that even we have not thought of yet, so if you have an idea or a need, pick up the phone and let’s talk.

LCD Digital Signage Gallery

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